Whitening Procedure
Teeth are cleaned and dried with disposable teeth wipes and Vaseline to the lips to prevent dryness. Vitamin E will then be applied to your gums. A plastic cheek retractor is put in place to hold your lips and cheeks away from your teeth. The gel is then applied to your top/bottom teeth.

Client will put on protective goggles and have the option of relaxing by reading a magazine, listening to the radio or watching TV.

The whitening process will take 20 minutes:

Once the treatment is complete the cheek retractor is removed, client will discard the mouth guard rinse and wipe. The teeth colouring is re-evaluated and compared to the previous shade.

Unlike UV or laser whitening technologies our cold light technology won't leave you with burnt, swollen lips and gums as there is no heat used. Also, it will not damage the enamel or change the structure of your teeth.

If you have heavy staining or you smoke, we strongly recommend you have the
complete 60 minute treatment to produce optimum results.


After care:

We offer a range of cosmetic whitening kits such as, whitening pens and protective trays. These are ideal for those for those who find difficulty in avoiding staining meals and drinks right after the whitening procedure. The products will last you 6 months to a year, and are affordable which will make it very easy for you to maintain that smile!